Senior man swimming laps in an indoor pool


Taking ownership of your wellness

As with nearly every aspect of life here, our approach to wellness is person-directed. Our culture creates the experience where residents can be the designer of the next steps in their well-being. We encourage residents to share their experiences, talents and dreams with other residents and our staff. And vice versa.

It’s this constant collaboration that fosters this incredible environment where everyone feels free to learn, share and influence the types of programs that evolve. People so empowered are then more likely to take advantage of all the wellness programs and activities we make so readily available to them. As more and more people participate, it snowballs into a community-wide attitude of living an active, wellness-first lifestyle.

Group of seniors preforming Tai Chi in an outdoor class.
Senior woman riding her red bike around the La Posada campus.
Group of seniors preforming Thai Chi in an indoor studio
Group of seniors standing in front of chairs balancing on one foot in an outdoor balance class.
Senior man using the row machine in the La Posada gym.

Fitness Programs and Classes

Our list of fitness and wellness classes is constantly evolving, so if you don’t see something you’re interested in, just ask. Most of these programs take place in The Pavilion, but we also feature two additional equipment rooms at La Vista and La Joya. Our wellness programs encompass these eight dimensions of wellness:

From your daily stroll through the grounds to one-on-one workouts with a personal trainer—and everything in between—we offer a nearly endless list of physical fitness options for any one and any level.

Whether you’re recovering from surgery, an injury or a medical trauma, we have the resources you need right here on campus to begin your road back.

There are many ways to feed your spirit here, from our nature paths, the nearby pecan groves and magical mountains to our labyrinth, tai chi and yoga classes and small-group opportunities.

From spur-of-the-moment get-togethers to established classes, speakers, programs and other kinds of social gatherings on every level, there is never a lack of people to interact and engage with at La Posada.

Emotional well-being is a primary focus of everyone at La Posada. We offer formal opportunities to have meaningful, supportive time with trained staff, as well as the ever-ready ear of compassionate staff and other residents.

Under the ever-vigilant eye of caregivers, residents are directed to the cognitive and intellectual support they need the moment we perceive the need. After assessing that need, a program is devised to address that specific resident’s path forward with our staff of with specialists as needed.

Making sure everyone is living in the environment most conducive to their optimal physical and mental health is one of the hallmarks of life at La Posada. Resident committees meet regularly with staff to structure and oversee programs to ensure the well-being of everyone’s immediate environment.

Fiscal fitness is crucial to our residents’ peace of mind, so we create ample opportunities for them to learn about managing money, planning, spending and other aspects that give them a sense of financial security.

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