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Life at La Posada

Our residents shape who we are, and who we will be

Our approach to senior living is to offer way more than just activities or things to do. Ours is the epitome of person-directed living: something we embody every day, at every opportunity. Read on to see examples of how and why our residents THRIVE to LIVE here and how they do that in ways you simply won’t find in other senior living communities.

Our residents don’t slow down, so neither do we

As we see it, La Posada is simply the next place our residents choose to LIVE. They don’t stop doing the things they did before. Sure, they love not having to do home maintenance, and love having more or most of their meals prepared for them. But we fiercely protect—and encourage—the individuality of each of our residents and encourage it to shine. And when you look around and see shining, confident, engaged personalities, you get a feeling here that you’ll feel in very few other places. Because very few other places are like La Posada.


See what truly person-directed senior living is, and how that plays a crucial role in the personalized and very effective wellness programs we create for our residents.

Programs and Classes

Not just programs and classes for our residents—many of them were created in part by our residents. See how our approach differs from other senior living communities, and why it should be the way all communities created their programs and classes.


Food plays an even grander role at La Posada as it does in our society at large. Sure, we serve wonderfully delicious, creatively prepared meals, but they’re also part of something bigger.

Amenities and Services

Learn how our residents have helped shape many of the services and amenities offered at La Posada. It’s a unique collection that truly makes living here a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Area Attractions

We’ll be the first to admit that we are blessed here in Green Valley with SO much to see and do. From the natural to the manmade, to the regularly scheduled to the spontaneous—there’s always something to do and to engage with here.

Volunteer Opportunities

Learn the many, many ways our residents add more living to their lives by the many volunteering opportunities we create and that many of them create for themselves. It’s an important part of why life here is so special, as you’ll soon see.

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