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Leaving a legacy

Many residents and their families are so moved by the experience their loved one has at La Posada that they look for ways to pay that experience forward. They seek out a mechanism to honor the legacy of the La Posada resident while ensuring that the La Posada lifestyle or the outreach programs we sponsor are available for others who may need financial assistance at some point. That’s where the La Posada Foundation comes in. Your tax-deductible, one-time or recurring donation can be dedicated to a specific project or program and can be earmarked for the general enhancement of the lives of our residents.

Ways to give

You can support the La Posada Foundation in many ways by leaving a legacy to honor a loved one or to just make sure that part of what you worked so hard for in your life continues doing good work after you. Everyone’s financial resources and circumstances are a bit different, so it’s best to talk with an experienced planned giving advisor. We have several qualified advisors on staff whose mission it is to make sure that you find a way to give that best suit your wishes. Some of the planned giving options they can discuss with you include gifts of:

  • Stocks
  • Bonds
  • Real estate
  • Cash
  • Insurance
  • Retirement assets
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Monarch butterflies in a flower garden on the La Posada campus
Template in La Posada Central Park

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