Group of senior women riding their bikes down the street.

La Posada at Green Valley

The right place. At the right time. For all the right reasons.

Situated nearly 3,000 (a bit cooler) feet above sea level, La Posada in Green Valley, Arizona, is as unique geographically as our award-winning approach to senior living itself. We create opportunity after opportunity by fostering a supportive, nurturing culture of understanding that provides a canvas on which to create your best life. Our residents discover purpose in ways most of them never dreamed possible or had ever heard or read about happening at any other Life Plan or retirement community.

Get comfortable, and really take in what makes living at our Life Plan Community so incredibly rich—where peace of mind is palpable. Yes, we offer everything and then some—like a culture of wellness, empowerment and deep, meaningful connections. Things that truly set us apart. Things that make life here rich and rewarding, and dare we say it, anything but your average retirement community.

Independent Living

All independent living communities are decidedly not created equal. In fact, ours is regularly held up regionally and nationally as a model of how to do it right. Our secret is an all-consuming focus on our residents, each and every one of them, in shaping our programs, our grounds and buildings and our policies. We think—we know—you’re going to love what you see, hear and feel here.

Integrated Health

At La Posada, we’re all about your health. Maintaining—safeguarding—the good health you move in with, and making it our staff’s personal mission to help you monitor, even improve, your health and watch for the first, often subtle changes that may indicate a growing need. And then mobilizing our resources to make sure you’re on top of any changes that may be presenting themselves.


Curious what life is like at La Posada Green Valley? Check out our upcoming events to find out for yourself.

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