Older woman volunteer pricing miniature statues on shelf.

Volunteer Opportunities

Living is doing!

We emphasize senior living volunteering at every opportunity for our residents, each one replete with the potential to add enriching life experience for both the volunteer and those receiving these priceless services. On campus, residents can actually learn to become baristas at Posada Java or help staff the Vensel Treasure Shoppe. Many find satisfaction and a sense of purpose by volunteering at the on-campus Los Niños Preschool that serves the surrounding community.

Whatever the venue, whatever the service rendered, our seniors add more living to their lives by volunteering. They interact with fellow resident volunteers, and, just as important, interact with a wide age range of people from Green Valley and beyond. Some even volunteer to help La Posada staff learn English and study to become U.S. citizens.

Life is rich here—and all the richer when lives intersect during the many opportunities our residents have to give back to those around them.

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