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Thought for food

Food is not only the sustenance we need to be healthy, safeguard our immunity and provide energy for a full day of activity, but also at La Posada, we embrace mealtime as even more—a chance to connect and reconnect, and to savor creatively prepared food in community with our neighbors.

Living where we live, we are very close to many ingredients we need—so they’re fresh and nutritious as can be. Our Executive Chef orchestrates seasonal favorites to take further advantage of the abundance of fresh, nutritious ingredients. Our tirelessly talented chef and his culinary team create a new menu, consisting of a full spread of items, every few weeks! Variety is the norm! What’s more, our made to order dining approach can accommodate special dietary needs like gluten-free, low sodium, vegan and other diets.

At La Posada, you’ll find the most diverse menu options among any other service—one of the reasons we’ve been operating our dining services independently for years. But in the end, food tastes better when shared with friends, when it’s served by happy, helpful people, and when it’s prepared by professionals whose mission is to bring out the best at every meal.

Dining Venue Options

Several delicious dining options exist for residents of La Posada, available in convenient locations across our 130 acre campus, and connected by our available tram service.  You can find casual to fine dining choices around the corner.

To start, you’ll find wonderful dining experiences in both the La Perla and La Vista independent living neighborhoods, as well as in the La Joya and La Hacienda assisted living neighborhoods.

Each has a unique character. And though many residents prefer to frequent the venue closest to them on a regular basis, it’s always enjoyable to experience different areas of the campus with a trip to a special dining experience and good friends. 

The Continental fine dining venue, located adjacent to The Pearl dining room in La Perla, takes fine dining to its highest level with special meals high quality presentation, flavor and variety. Great vegetarian and vegan options are on the menu, too! This is an area the residents enjoy greatly. 

At the Shoppes at La Posada, the new Posada Java menu includes light meal items, along with the coffee and treats that have made this gathering place so popular.

Male server placing pumpkin pie onto a dining table with two senior women.
Male server taking the lunch orders of a group of seniors.
Male server placing a drink down in front of a senior woman.
Senior couple sitting at a table in the La Posada dinning room while a server fills their water cups.

Private Dining and Catered Special Ocassions

Many La Posada residents utilize their flexible meal credits to host guests in one of our four dining venues.

Often times they might share a meal in the The Pearl, The View, La Perla, La Vista, or The Continental fine dining venues. 

And if you are looking for private a private dining setting for a special meal with family or friends, that is certainly available in reserved private dining room spaces. La Posada at Green Valley is a wonderful place to dine with a small group, with comfortable special settings to match the quality of a special meal.  The results will make you proud to live at La Posada.

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