Entrance to the La Posada Community Center

La Posada Community Center

The center of attention

Just as you’d expect from a vibrant community center, ours is the social hub for seniors in Green Valley. Each weekday at lunchtime, the center is abuzz with folks from around the neighboring community enjoying each other’s company over a nutritious meal—it’s Green Valley’s only senior lunch program—it’s that popular. At other times of the day, you’ll find vigorous board games and storytelling, or friends meeting up to take a day trip to one of the numerous things to do close by. And as with most programs and services at La Posada, the Community Center presents a great opportunity to volunteer, increasing our residents’ social interactions with nonresidents as they form friendships with their fellow resident volunteers.

For Senior Lunch Program information and advance reservations, contact Carla at 520-393-6814 or email her: CCastaneda@casagv.org. Suggested donation to this senior lunch program is $3.

For Community Center questions and rental information, contact Vicki at 520-393-6800.

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