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Adult Day Services

Care for the caregivers

Most caregivers find themselves in their new roles out of an instinctive, loving response to the needs of an adult loved one who requires some day-to-day level of care. Because it’s rarely planned for, and seldom eased into, many caregivers look up weeks or months later needing a break. We created our Adult Day Services to provide the respite all caregivers need to continue being of most value to the loved one they’re tending to.

The health aides, licensed nurses and activity specialists that make up our state-licensed program offer participants both group and individual activities to provide stimulation as well as exercise—and the break you need without the guilt.

Our compassionate nursing staff manages medications and provides mental and physical health consultations, while health aides manage personal care. If ongoing therapy is part of a participant’s schedule, it is integrated seamlessly into his or her day at our on-campus outpatient clinic.

Open to the entire community, our Adult Day Services are available weekdays from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Participants can choose the number of days they want care for a daily fee. Adult Day Services daily fee is $91.75 per day.

To set up a tour of Adult Day Services, please call Silvia Valdez at 520-393-6835 or email her: .

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